When do you need Radiographs?

Radiography uses X-rays to help visualize parts of the body that are not visible to the naked eye. Radiographs are the most useful when viewing contrasting tissue density and solid tissues. Within the chest, it can differentiate lung tissues, heart, and body structure to evaluate things like heart size, lung airway disease, and so on. WIthin the abdomen, it can be used to look for foreign material that could be stuck inside the small intestine or stomach.

When do you need Ultrasound?

Ultrasonography uses high pitch sound waves to help visualize internal organs. Unlike X-ray, ultrasound does not use radiation to create an image so is considered a safe and non-invasive modality. Ultrasound is most useful when trying to assess the different organs within the abdomen and can be very effective in assessing dogs and cats in case of an emergency to look for evidence of bleeding.

Does my pet need to be sedated for these tests?

Typically, ultrasounds are done without sedating or anesthetizing patients. Most X-rays can be taken without sedation, but it may be necessary when trying to image areas where your pet might be painful (fractures, etc). For either tests, clipping of the fur is not required.

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