What are routine laboratory tests done on pets?

Aina Haina Veterinary Clinic works with one of the largest reference laboratories in the nation to run a variety of laboratory tests that can fit your pet’s best needs. Some examples include pre-anesthetic/preventative care screening lab work, organ function testing, infectious disease testing, analyzing samples from lumps and bumps, and so on! Our veterinarian can select the best laboratory tests to run to fit your pet’s needs the most.

What kind of samples are needed for these tests?

It depends! Most common samples submitted for testing are blood, urine, and feces, but we routinely obtain samples from where infection is present (skin, ears, urine, etc) and submit them for analysis as well. Tissue samples can be obtained to be submitted to further investigate what kind of cells are present.

Is everything submitted to the lab?

Although most of the routine tests will be submitted to the reference lab outside of clinics. Aina Haina Veterinary Clinic will have capabilities to run laboratory tests in-house for those urgent cases where we need to get some information quickly. Such tests include ear cytology to evaluate ear infection, urine testing to look for urinary tract infection, and blood test to assess organ functions.

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